Sandalwood Body SoapSandalwood Body Soap

Sandalwood Body Soap

$22 CAD
Rosemary Shampoo 240mLRosemary Shampoo 240mL

Rosemary Shampoo 240mL

$22 CAD
Lavender Body SoapThe Art of Shaving Lavender Body Soap

Lavender Body Soap

$22 CAD
Limited Edition Shave BundleLimited Edition Shave Bundle
On sale

Limited Edition Shave Bundle

$80 CAD $115 CAD
Rosemary Conditioner 240mLRosemary Conditioner 240mL

Rosemary Conditioner 240mL

$22 CAD
The Art of Shaving Gel Pomade Hair Styling Product 57 gGel Pomade

Gel Pomade

$27 CAD
Power BrushPower Brush

Power Brush

$49 CAD
The Art of Shaving Forming Paste Hair Styling Product 57 gForming Paste

Forming Paste

$27 CAD
Sandalwood Beard CombSandalwood Beard Comb

Sandalwood Beard Comb

$37 CAD
GilletteLabs Heated RazorGilletteLabs Heated Razor

GilletteLabs Heated Razor

$199.99 CAD
Lavender Body Wash 480mLThe Art of Shaving Lavender Body Wash 480 mL

Lavender Body Wash 480mL

$43 CAD
Power Brush Refills (2 Count)Power Brush Refills (2 Count)

Power Brush Refills (2 Count)

$18.30 CAD
Bourbon Stubble Balm 100mLBourbon Stubble Balm 100mL

Bourbon Stubble Balm 100mL

$37 CAD
The Art of Shaving Molding Clay Hair Styling Product 57 gMolding Clay

Molding Clay

$27 CAD
The Art of Shaving 7-Piece Manicure Set

7-Piece Manicure Set

$195 CAD
The Art of Shaving 3-Piece Manicure Set

3-Piece Manicure Set

$85 CAD
After-Shave Mask (10 Count)After-Shave Mask (10 Count)

After-Shave Mask (10 Count)

$55 CAD

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