The Art of Shaving Lexington Collection Power Razor

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The Lexington Collection Power Razor combines craftsmanship and design with the control and performance one would expect from a quality shaving implement. This exclusive New York inspired design features bold chrome-plated accents, a black satin aluminum finish, and a sleek cat-eye LED power indicator. Experience outstanding closeness and comfort, with Flexball technology that pivots over the contours of your face and soothing micro-pulsations help to improve razor glide. The razor is designed to fit with all Fusion family blades.

    • Flexball helps enable 23% closer contact to skin for a smoother shaving experience (as compared to ProGlide® razor handle without Flexball
    • Distinctive black satin finish with chrome plated accents over zinc.
    • 1.57 L x 5.9 H, 56 grams

    • Flexball responds to the contours of the face for maximum blade contact helping you shave off the grid areas of the face (such as the jaw line). This allows for a cleaner, closer shave with less strokes needed.
    • Micro-pulsations help reduce friction and increase razor glide.

Battery Usage Information
  • Remove battery when vibration slows or ceases. Do not leave depleted battery in device. Replace batteries only in a dry environment.
  • Dispose of batteries in accordance with local regulations.
  • If a battery leaks, wipe device clean with a damp cloth and wash hands. If any material gets into the eyes, contact a doctor immediately.
  • Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed, consult a physician at once.